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7 most common reasons men abandon good women

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7 most common reasons men abandon good women | De9jaSpirit

Did you always do your best to please your man? But something went wrong anyway? He dumped you but you don’t understand why he did that?
Breakups are usually difficult to manage because they always come with an emotional burden. That is why it is usually difficult to rationalize a separation.
The emotional turbulence a person goes through can distort their entire being. Everyone understands that breaking up is difficult because most of us have been through something heartbreaking.
However, at some point, we have to face the facts and see that the relationship wasn’t so perfect after all. To understand why men let good women go, here are 7 reasons for you:
1. Your friends and acquaintances
It could be that he has something against the people you hang out with. It doesn’t matter if you are pretty or intelligent. He just can’t overlook these people. In the long run, this would be a problem for him and he just wouldn’t get along with your friends.
2. His friends and acquaintances
The same goes for his friends. If they don’t like you too much, it might be that he doesn’t see you as his potential partner because of it. He loves you, but his friends are more important to him. He doesn’t want to put you above his friends.
3. The self-confidence
Self-confidence plays a crucial role in every relationship. It may be that you have too much or too little of it. Men tend to dismiss women who are too confident for them. Because if he is very insecure himself, he feels affection by her self-confidence and does not know how to deal with it. Or he is bored with your lack of self-confidence and he has no desire to spice up your self-confidence. Even if a good man would actually do it.
4. Fear of entering into marriage
Or, he might be put off by the idea of ​​being with the same woman forever. You may have made a lot of progress and made a real effort, but unfortunately, his fear of bonding is too great. This is of course not your fault. You just happened to have a man by your side who was having this problem.
5. The relationship seems too secure to him
In this case, he believes that he cannot have spontaneity and adventure with you. He just feels too safe with you. He needs a woman who keeps getting his heart excited. But sometimes these men are addicted to being in love. And we all know that you don’t stay in this phase forever. That’s why you could never meet his expectations.
6. You doubt yourself
You may also have a tendency not to trust yourself very much. You doubt yourself and you need a lot of confirmation from him. You should start to check your self-esteem and recognize your good qualities. Put them in the limelight and show yourself from your best side. There is nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who values ​​herself. A prerequisite for this, however, is that you know your own worth well.
7. The family is pressuring you
And there’s another reason that could lead him to dump a good woman. I’m talking about the influence of his family. Family is extremely important to most people. That’s why they want them to like their partner. If this is not the case, it can get very uncomfortable. Or maybe he feels like he can’t fit in with your family and has a problem with it.

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