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If your man does these 5 things, don’t marry him!

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Marriage is a lifelong commitment that you can’t get out of easily, that is why you should be sure about the person you’re marrying before making commitment.

If you notice your man is guilty of the following behaviors, you might just want to reassess your relationship just to reevaluate how much you means to him.

Call him out and make him aware of his terrible habits. And if he shows a willingness to change, then he might actually be worth giving a chance to.

But if he’s going to be defensive about the way that he conducts himself, it might be best for you to just move on. Here are the 5 things you should reconsider before you say ‘I do’:

1. He always breaks his promises and commitments

He doesn’t really follow up on the things that he says to you. And that’s a serious problem because if he can’t commit to you on the little things, what makes you think that he’s going to commit to you on the big things?

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