Pussymania Episode ? (12)

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Later that night in Carol’s parlor, we started watching the match, she even invited me in to watch so I sat on the same sofa with her but with a little distance, it took a while before At-madrid scored a goal, and some minutes later, they scored another, the game was going in my favor but I didn’t celebrate because Carol was enjoying it and she felt angry, she could do and undo! She’s my boss and a woman too! So I kept quiet.
Soon things started going her way, Madrid scored to goals to make the tie, Carol was now happy, she felt excited even punching my shoulders that Madrid was going to win! In my mind, I was hoping the pigs to fail because even if they lost the match they have another to lose, they still get paid but if I lose this bet! I’ll have to start over again!
The match was almost over and it seems At-madrid was going to break the tie, just then that idiot Sergio Ramos tackled the striker and took the ball from him, he passed to Marcelo and Marcelo dribbled passed the players and finally passed it to CR7, as soon as the idiot got the ball, he kicked it straight into the net, The goal was made! Carol jumped high in the air, shaking her hips, dancing to the victory, She even made funny faces at me, mocking me!
It was funny watching her but I felt down, not only did I lose but no salary next month, (Pls a word for guys don’t ever make a bet with a lady, they always win), I left the parlor and went back to my quarters, I couldn’t believe it after all the hard work, now it came crashing down my head, As I lay on my bed, thinking about the loss, A knock came on my door! I opened it and There she was standing!


 Uhm, Alex!

Alex➡ yes Mrs Lovette?

Carol➡ I need you to do me a small favor

Alex➡ Sure Mrs Lovette, what is it?

Carol➡ I want you to come and cook for me, I’m hungry and the food joint is closed!

Alex➡ Okay, I’ll be right out.

I quickly wore my normal clothes and enter the house, I brought out the groceries and started preparing the meal, Carol was there in the kitchen with me, She looked with amazement as I prepared the dish!

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Carol➡ Wow, Alex, you’re good at this! Who taught you how to cook?

Alex➡ Its my mom!

Carol➡ Oh, that’s wonderful, I never got the chance to learn something from my mom, she died when I was little.

Alex➡ I’m sorry to hear that, Mrs Lovette!

Carol➡ Thank you, I really want to learn how to cook but I’m afraid, I’ll poison someone.

Alex➡ I’ll teach you Mrs Lovette, if you like.

Carol➡ Really? When?

Alex➡ Now, come I’ll show you!

She came close to me and I showed her everything, She was amazed, She wanted to know more and I showed her, I even show her how to put some maggi in soup, she came really close to me, and I grabbed her hand and we turned the soup together, God she smells heavenly, I could feel the heat around her body, it was so tempting but I controlled myself, we continued cooking together till it was done. I served the food for her at the dining table, the meal was vegetable soup and semovita, She glared at the food and asked what it was!

Carol➡ Alex what’s this?

Alex➡ Mrs Lovette that’s semo and vegetable soup!

Carol➡ I know what semo is but what is this? It look like a big white shit!

I almost laughed when she said this, I was surprised, she doesnt know what this is? Kai, rich people

Alex➡ Mrs Lovette, its delicious I don’t know its name in English but the Hausas call it tuwo!

Carol➡ Tu-what?

Alex➡ Tuwo

Carol➡ Tuuuwoooo? That’s crazy!

Alex➡ You should try it, its amazing

Carol➡ Alright but just so you know, if I die, I’ll kill you

Alex➡ Okay, Mrs Lovette

She took a spoon and wanted to use it but I stopped her , I told her this kind of meal should be eaten with hands Her eyes widened with surprise , I brought a bowl of water and she washed her hands and started eating, when she took the first bite, She stopped and tasted it, and then she continued eating she didn’t say a word, I knew she was enjoying it so I left her and went back to my Quarters, and slept off!


(Carol’s P. O. V)
D–n! This food is delicious, Tuwoo or what ever he’s called it, it was good, but I can’t let him know I love it, what am I saying? D–n, I’m surprised though not every guy can cook this good, not even the food joint can serve up something this good, Well, I have a new cook now, so bye-bye food joint, This Alex is so good at many things, he washes my clothes and now he cooks too, Well, he’s now my personal pet soon he’ll all be mine! No one will take him from me.
Ohh, I’m so lucky❤.

Morning had came, I woke up and wore mmy workout clothes and started jogging around the house! I love jogging in the morning its so refreshing and good for every woman’s body, as I jogged, I still couldn’t get what happened last few weeks out of my head! I love Alex but I don’t want to make the same mistake again, I have to make sure he’s not like will, So after the jog, I went inside, I was starved I checked the fridge there was no chocolates ?, D–n! Why? I went to the kitchen to see if there was anything to eat, but there was none, I saw the remaining groceries and I wanted to eat some fried eggs this morning! I want to try preparing it myself but Who was I joking?
I went out and called Alex! Can’t believe he’s still asleep, its 6:00Am He should be up by now.

(Alex P. O. V)
I was having a sweet dream where Carol and I were enjoying ourselves then it suddenly disappeared, I was awoken by a knock and I went and checked, Which crazy soul would be awake by this time? As I opened the door, I saw Carol in a sexy workout cloth.

Alex➡ Mrs Lovette , good morning, is something wrong?

Carol➡ Yes, I need to eat breakfast, I’ll be late for work

Alex➡ But it’s 6 am in the morning

Carol➡ So?

Alex➡ Okay, I’m coming!

What in the world? Women! I went into her house and straight to the kitchen, she said she wanted eggs so I prepared it for her, She stood close to me and watched, when I mixed everything together, I asked her to turn it around so it would be thick, She collected it and did as I said, she wasn’t doing it properly so I held her hands and showed her the proper way, I could feel her ass, touching my d–k, my d–k started kicking, I tried with all my might to hold it down, Luckily, we were done with the egg stuff after that I fried it for her, the smell was too good, my stomach started rumbling, She heard my stomach and laughed.


Carol➡ Wow, ur belly is rumbling

Alex➡ Yeah the egg caused that!

Carol➡ Well, if you’re hungry, stay and eat with me.

Alex➡ Pls Mrs Lovette, theres no need…

Carol➡ I insist!

The egg was done, and I made some tea and some toasted bread ?, I served her and myself, we sat at the table and eat, She was gobbling her food eating with ease, I ate little by little, cause I was nervous, She was with hers, and noticed the way, I was eating!

Carol➡ Are you alright?

Alex➡ What?

Carol➡ I said are you okay? You look like someone guilty, come on eat up.

Without looking, I spilled the tea on myself, Carol saw that and came to help I stood up cleaning the tea of me, as she came closed to me, the tea made her slip and she fell on me, her weight made us fall together, She landed on my chest, while we tried to get up, our eyes met, we were silent, and looked at eachother only our breath could be heard! I wanted to kiss her but I was afraid, What should I do?

(Carol’s P. O. V)
I fell on his chest, thank goodness, just then we looked into each other’s eyes, It seems he wanted to kiss me but what was he waiting for? I’m also afraid too, could I be making the right choice with him?

(Alex P. O. V)
We stood up and cleaned ourselves, What was I doing? This was the right opportunity to show her how I felt, And if she goes now, I’ll never get another chance, As she turned around to go, I grabbed her hands, wrapped my hands around her waist and kissed her!

To be continued..


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