Single But Living Married Episode 9

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I started going in and out gently for like two
minutes, it was serious pain that I finally
decided to relax on her while Dickson was still
inside, I started kissing her all over again and
I could feel her response through her kitty catt
holding Dickson firmly, it was as if she was
the one bleeping cos I realized she was
enjoying it while I continue playing with
kissing and s—–g at interval as she also
tickle my back with her hand. I eventually
pour out after a while and was relieved but
still stayed on her afterwards.
Shade: Am so sorry for everytyn baby
Me:No problem dear…
Shade:Am I forgiven?
Me:Yes dear……
Shade: Thank you my love, my body and soul
belong to you and am promising you that no
any other man will ever see my unclothedness
and I will never betray the trust u have in me
Me:uhmmmmm…(this is serious ooooo…
making promise in this position) are u sure?
Shade:Yes I am, I swear with the position we
are presently, my chest will never touch
another guys own neither will any guy sleep
with me nor have access to my body.
Me:I love you so much baby
Shade: I love you too………….
We stood up after a while, clean up, eat and
slept together for the first time……we had little
sex the following day and also a quickie
before going to school on Monday morning.

Our relationship was now a full blown up one
and nothing to hide again but people still
hardly see us together in school. I was still a
bit close to Bola but not like the way it was
when we started cos she’s shade’s pal but not
so close like that. Shade decided to secure an
accommodation close to school in second
semester also. Her place was like 20mins drive
to my own house, she decided to not to stay
alone but with one of her coursemate. I helped
with what I had to set up the place and make
the place comfortable for them.
We never knew the area she got an
accommodation was not a good place to
reside as they hardly spend a month before
cult guys started disturbing them, they will
burgle their house and pack their things,
sometimes we get some back while some other
time we let go off some cos of the power that
It was second semester exam period, Bola was
already telling me she will need to stay close
to school for the exam purpose as the stress
will be too much for her…………………..
Bola:I will even love to come and be reading in
your place during that time sef
Me: No problem now….the house is yours
Bola:Shade, sorry I will be disturbing your
husband ooo
Shade: which one be my own now…….una no
be friend..where are u even planning to stay
over the period
Bola:I don’t know yet jare, still trying to talk
to someone sha but they are just giving me
Shade: Then why not come to my place?
Bola:your place? U no am not in talking term
with Mary…So, your place is a no go area for
me. If not for her you should have been the
best option
Me:You girls have so many issues………….So,
what are you going to do, exam is Monday
Bola: I will figure out things jare…………
Shade: No problem……………let us know your
That was how we concluded that
day……………….I spoke with Bola two days
later and from all indication, she begged to
come to my side for the exam period
Me:Baby, I just had a discussion with Bola
and she said she will be coming to my side for
the exam
Shade:ehn…ehn………….No problem now
Me:Thanks so much dear………….You will also
come around now
Shade: No oooo…I cant leave mary alone in
the hostel now and u know how our place is
Me:Ohk..what about your reading
Shade:we will read together. All of us can read
together in school then we separate later in
the evening to our various hostel……………..
Me:so, does that means you wont be coming
to my place at all?
Shade:why now, I will come over the weekend
when mary might have gone home
Me:ohk..cos Bola too will be going home on
Friday and come back on Monday morning as
she said
Shade:That’s better then……………



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