Single But Living Married Episode10

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Bola moved over to my place on sunday,
shade was in my place that day too, it was a
fun fair as we gist abt so many things, they
cook and we eat. They both slept on bed that
night while I managed the rug. We left for
school the following day. Exam started as
usual and everytyn was going on smoothly as
planned. Bola will go home every friday and
return on sunday evening, I sleep on the floor
while my bed was totally hers all through this
First week, second week and it was already
third week and almost through with our
papers. Bola came back from home on sunday
evening as usual, we eat normally, read and
decided to sleep around one am.
Bola:have been inconveniencing u all this
Me:who can do that if not u
Bola:na me oooo…..I think say u go talk
rubbish b4 make I com knack ur head 4u…
Me:knack my head and my own hand go
pause abi?
Bola:wetyn u wan do? (hit me on my back)
Me:u hit me cos u no I cant beat u abi?
Bola:u shud beat me now, make I call my
boyfriend 4u….e go finish u totally
Me:try am again wether I no go hit u bad
make u go call ur boyfriend come
Bola:oya wetyn u wan do? (hit me again)
Me:*****hit her back on the buttock*********
Bola:u hit my buttock, I no go gree today
She moved towards me and wanted to hit me
but I didnt allow her, that was how rough play
started, struggling with each other in the
room , laughing and both of us were enjoying
the play, I realized I was touching so many
place on her body (bweast, Bottom, and all
other body part) but she never bothered, I
never bothered too anytime her hand brushed
my dickson. Our play lasted almost 10mins
before nepa struck during the time and I told
her its ohk and she won….
Me:lets sleep abeg, u too like rough play
Bola:coward, hope say u no say I b ur oga?
Me:b4 nko? Let me go and shower and sleep.
I went to the bathroom, shower and prepared
my sleeping bed on the rug likewise Bola
too…..I put off the rechargeable once we both
retire on bed
Me:good night bola
Bola:good night……but why not come to the
bed now atleast av been inconveniencing u all
this while
Me:no problem, I don complain 2u b4…….
Bola:you have never but please come lets
manage the bed together…..
Me:dont worry bola
Bola:watz dont worry, if you dont stand up
now then I will come and meet u on that bed
(I could hear her standing up already in the
Me:ur wahala too much oooo bola, wetyn u
chop this night sef?
Bola:no b u give me food chop?
I decided to move to the bed and need to say
here that my bed was not one of the biggest
then as it was a medium one that once two
people are on it, there might b body contact
along the line…..I faced her while on bed as I
dont like facing the wall when sleeping while
she turn her back to me, my heart was beaten
fast but I decided to shrug it off, I thought she
was asleep until she turn towards me and our
heads were unto each other……she moved her
hand over my back and I never complained, I
tried to keep my hand in between my chest
under my head but I realised her turning
towards me already means her bweast were
touching my arm, we were just too close to
each other and no much space on bed.

I relaxed one of my hand downward but there
was no place to put it, I eventually rest it on
her lap, never took along time before she
started rubbing her hand on my back, didnt
know how she located my lips but our lips met
and I opened mine, that was how we started
kissing each other, I was kissing and rubbing
my hand on her back, she didnt even waste
much time before digging her hand inside my
boxers, brought out dickson and started
rubbing it with her hand, I put my hand inside
the top of her nighties and started playing
with her fresh bweast as there was no bra in
there before, this was going on for a while as I
totally removed my boxers and the top I was
putting up, I pull up her top too and she
removed it totally herself. my heartbeat was
becoming faster and scary as I was thinking of
so many things….

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I started doing serious justice to the bweast
by s—–g and handling the other one. Didnt
have total access to the right one as that was
where she laid down on but I was managing
the only one I have with me fully, I moved a
bit downward and put my hand inside her
nighties trouser, bola’s kitty cat was already
wet, I played with the fluid down there and
rubbing it on the entrance of her kitty cat, I
pull down her trouser a bit and her response
made me pull it off fully with her help……we
were both unclad in darkness and never said a
single word to each other……..
I adjusted bola’s body facing the ceiling and
had access to the two bweast, I placed my
mouth on the right one and she left a soft
…..I realised she enjoy being s–k on that
area and I concentrated more on it. Sincerely,
I didnt know what happened to me but I
noticed dickson was not hard to the fullest
and I wasnt interested in digging it into her
wet kitty catt….I was smilling the the
response I was getting from her….she was just
saying so many jargons as I was doing all
this, my bed and hand was seriously wet,
sometimes I will go faster handling d bweast
with my hand while I slow down too….it was
a full blown up romance as she relaxed hersef
fully without making any move….
Bola: come on me snakie, I need u inside me
Bola:pls I need u raw inside me
Me:pls take it easy bola
Bola:******held my hand*******come on top
pls or lemme come on u
Me:pls, its ohkay bola, lets stop, u are shade’s
Bola:but I knew u b4 shade and moreover I
brought her to you
Me:more reason, its not normal for us to do
Bola:just this one, I just want to feel u snakie,
I want to feel your rod….
Me:no bola………..we are already cheating
and its not good, pls lets stop
Bola:I know bt I need u ryt now, if its just 4u
to put it in and remove it just once snakie, I
just need it inside me ryt now……..
Me:********nepa restored light and we were
looking at our unclad sef for the first
time*********pls its ohk bola, am so sorrt for
all this………
I realized bola couldnt look at my face directly
as the light was restored and she couldn’t talk
much again…arguably she was hiding under
the influence of darkness and she never had
the gut to utter much words again….
Me:am so sorry bola, its ohk………
Her fone started ringing and it was her
boyfriend calling, she initially didnt want to
pick in the first place but I forced her to pick
on the third attempt…..
Bola:am sorry baby, I was fast asleep ni, it
was ur call that woke me up…..
I was so happy that her boyfriend called, I
wanted to stand up bt she pinned me down
with her leg but I never had the full intention
of standing up too…..i rested my hand on her
bweast and was playing with it, i will also play
with her c–t once in a while, this made her
released me and i was a bit free, they were so
much deep into the discussion before I finally
stood up, clean myself, put on a jean and top
then slept off beside her…..
I woke up the following morning and prepare
for school as usual, she had a paper that day
bt there was none 4me and I decided to stay
at home.
Me:so, when did u sleep
Bola:around after 3, never knew u slept off
quickly like dat
Me:wetyn u expect now…….
Bola:well, am sorry for what happened in d
Me:notyn 2 b sorry abt, we are both at fault, I
shouldn’t have come 2 d bed when u called
Bola:sincerely, it was the play that turned me
on and I was just fantasizing of having ur bick
dickson inside me……shade is enjoying
ooooo, I hope she’s appreciative sha
Me:why not…….
Bola:how I wish yomi too is just like you
Me:shut up jhoor…onisokuso
Bola:thats the truth dear bt I thank God it
never happened
Me******the one that happened nko?
********coutesy of my resistance I guess
Bola:I hear u….
Me:pls, dont let shade know abt wat happened
Bola:y not…….I will tell her
Me:you will tell her ke? You cant b serious…..
Bola:am serious snakie, to God, I will tell her
and let her realized it was a mistake between
Me:pls bola, joke apart
Bola:u no me now snakie, u no wen am
joking…pls lets go to skool abeg….
Bola stepped out of the room with her bag
and left me inside



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