Pussymania Episode? (13)

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Pussymania Episode? (13)

We kissed each other warmly, for some moment, Suddenly, Carol stopped kissing and tried to break my hold on her, I held her tight and confessed my feelings to her.


. Mrs Lovette, pls listen, ever since I stepped into this room and saw you, I fell in love with you! I know the employee and his boss shouldn’t be messing with eachother but pls, I love you, not because of ur wealth or Charm, I just love you, I’ve never been truly in love in my entire life till I met you, I just want you to give me a chance to show you my love, I may not be the richest, or handsome guy in the world but I’ll try as much as possible to make you happy!

Carol➡ I-i-i don’t know Alex…. I don’t want to make the same mistake I did with my Ex but I will think about it.

I released her and went inside her room, I went back to my quarters, Soon she got ready and went to work! I couldn’t think straight, I know she likes me but I hope she will just accept me, I love this lady.
A call came into my phone and it was Sandra, I picked the call and answered.

Alex➡ Hello Sandra!

Sandra➡ Hello Alex, how are you?

Alex➡ I’m fyn, Hope you enjoyed the cake?

Sandra➡ It was delicious, thanks, Can you come over later?

Alex➡ Okay, I’ll come by later.

Sandra➡ Okay, see you then.

(Carol P. O. V)
D–n! What did I do? Kissing Alex? J mean the kiss was good but was that the right choice? And the way he looked, at my eyes when he said those words, he was sincere! If he wanted my money, he would have stolen the money I kept in my room and other valuable stuff without me knowing, I need to speak with Jessy.
I arrived at the office, attended some meeting, signed off some contracts and finally went into my office, minutes after I entered Jessy Followed.

Jessy➡ Hi, ? geek!

Carol ➡ Hi b—h!

Jessy➡ B—h? Pls I don’t get paid! That’s a prostitutes job! What’s up? You look worried!

Carol➡ Jessy, Alex and I..

Jessy➡ You get kissed and had sex?

Carol➡ No but we kissed and he confessed his love for me!

Jessy➡ What? So what did you say?

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Carol ➡ i said I would think about it!

Jessy➡ Carol? Wetin dey worry you? Why can’t you just say yes? The guy loves you!

Carol➡ So did Will before he cheated on me, look Jessy I’m afraid what should I do?

Jessy➡ Look, you love the guy, right?

Carol➡ Yes!

Jessy➡ And he loves you,

Carol➡ Yes,

Jessy➡ ehn? Just go along with it, look that mistake won’t happen twice!

Carol➡ But what if he’s has another woman, I don’t know of!

Jessy➡ Babe that is no problem, I mean look at you, Sexy body , fair as an Arabian babe, curvy , attractive, and filthy rich! Everywhere complete don’t worry, no b—h can compete with you! Believe that, Alex loves you like crazy so don’t worry, Just open ur heart for him!

Carol➡ Okay!

Just as I was talking with Jessy, Dad called, we haven’t talked for a while, so I decided to pick up.

Carol➡ Hello, Morning dad!

Mr Lovette ➡ Morning Caroline, how r you?

Carol➡ I’m fyn dad, what do you want?

Mr Lovette ➡ I’m worried about you my daughter, ur mates are getting married, and you’re still single, What happened between you and Will was a long time ago. Yiu need to start afresh, The son of my colleague, Mr. Morrison is interested in you! Come home so you can meet him!

Carol ➡ Sorry dad, but I decide who I want to be with, and besides I’ve already found someone better.

Mr. Lovette ➡ Really? Who is he? Is he rich?

Carol➡ No dad, He’s not rich, he’s just a normal guy and works hard to earn a living!

Mr. Lovette ➡ Normal? Normal doesn’t fit in our social circle, you need someone who is known in the society, someone that has a social standing!

Carol➡ I can’t believe this! You my father saying this? So you want me to marry some rich fool who only had time for himself and not for me, someone that doesn’t love me or makes me happy? Sorry dad, I won’t and by the way, The guy I love is a Gateman, so deal with it.

Mr. Lovette ➡ What? Gateman……

I ended the call before he could finish, Jessy was staring at me, wondering how I got the guts to talk to my father like that!

Jessy➡ Babe, that’s ur father oo

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Carol➡ So?

Jessy➡ You shouldn’t have..

Carol➡ Oh pls, he deserved it, making such a stupid remark, Social standing my ass, no wonder there’s no real love these days everyone’s looking for material wealth. I’ve made up my mind, I’ll be with Alex but if he cheats or uses me like a fool, Let you be the first to know that I’ll kill him, for real no jokes.

Jessy➡ That’s my girl.

(Alex P. O. V)
I went to Sandra’s house and knocked at the door, She quickly opened and welcomed me with a hug! We went in and sat on her Sofa. She sat close to me, smiling at me.

Alex➡ So Sandra, what’s up?

Sandra ➡ Nothing ?

Alex➡ Nothing? Are you sure?

Before, I knew what was happening, she started kissing me, I tried to stop her but she was strong, she held on me tight, I couldn’t resist for long, I grabbed her waist and kissed her too, As we kept on kissing, she reached for my d–k and started stroking it, D–n! She was impossible to resist, I removed my trousers and raised he skirt, I removed her pants and saw her p—y, It was a bit hairy but well shaved, I finger her p—y and she moaned, her p—y was too tight, I continued fingering her, pushing my fingers in one by one. Her body twitched as I fingered her, she grabbed on to me tightly, I felt her like she was going to c-m so I removed my fingers from her c–t , I remove my clothes and started stripping her naked, As I removed her T-shirt, her boobs were in display, she didn’t put on any bra! I grabbed he boobs and s—-d them, her nipples were hard and sweet, I bit them as I s—-d her boobs, She moaned softly pushing my head towards her boobs, my d–k was as hard as rock so I stretched her legs open to enter her p—y!

Sandra➡ Pls take it easy! Go slow!

Alex ➡ Don’t worry, I will.

I rubbed my d–k at the entrance of her p—y, she moaned as I did that, I slowly entered her c–t, it was very tight, I pushed in slowly, her moans were getting louder and louder, she held on to me tightly as I pushed my d–k inside her, After a while, my whole d–k entered her and I started pounding her, With each t—-t, she increased her moan, she wrapped her legs around my waist, I could feel her body tremble under mine, as I f—-d her, I saw some tiny bits of blood on my d–k, She was a virgin! D–n! I increased my thrusts and f—-d her deep, She kept moaning louder as I f—-d her, her p—y was too good and tight, before long, she came hard on my d–k, I continued f—–g her, drilling her deep as hard as I could, She looked at me, with eyes filled with tears, I kissed her as slamming her d–k deep into her, Her p—y clenched onto my d–k tightly, she was milking my d–k! I continued hammering her p—y, our flesh made sweet sounds, as I f—-d her c–t, Sandra moaned louder than ever grabbing on to my ass, She came again on my d–k, her legs were weak and shaking, I balanced her legs on my shoulders and continued pounding her, I went faster and deeper into her, my hips were moving like crazy, and I was soon going to c-m, After some minuted, I quickly removed my d–k and came hard outside her p—y.
After I released, I fell on Sandra’s body, exhausted, she hugged me as we rested.


Sandra ➡ Oh my God, Alex you can f–k! You completely reshaped my p—y with ur d–k. ?

Alex➡ You were amazing too, you never told me you were a Virgin!

Sandra➡ I wanted to keep it for the person, I loved and that is you ?, I love you Alex!

We kissed as we rested, I liked her but Carol is the one I like the most, I have to make the right decision! I don’t want to hurt any of their feelings,. After a while, I bathe together in Sandra’s bathroom, we kissed as we bath, After that, I dressed and went back to Carol’s house.
As I reached home, I quickly changed into my uniform and before long, Carol also came back home with Jessy, I opened the gate and she drove in and parked her car, Jessy and I eexchanged some pleasantries before Heading into the house, Carol and I didn’t talk, maybe she had made her decision about us and besides which rich lady wants to date her gateman? , so I decided to stick with Sandra.

To be continued


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