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5 important questions to ask about old relationships before dating anyone

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One of the keys to happiness in your next relationship is getting as much information about who you are going to date before agreeing to it.

Now this is the little problem this situation poses: you would need to get most the relevant information, whether good or bad from the potential partner.

But because people rarely paint themselves in a bad light or truly express their weaknesses and shortcomings, it is likely that they may not reveal all of their own true f**k-ups, and will instead choose to speak only about the other person’s failings.

So as to get as much information as can be gotten, one thing to do is to ask about former relationships and exes.

By asking the following ex-related questions below, you could notice toxic patterns and also indirectly get more information that’d help make up your mind whether you want to really commit to that guy or not.


1. How did their last relationship[s] end?

It could make a lot of difference for you to ask if their breakups were mutual, calm and respectful or if they were super toxic and angry breakups that.

The answers you get here could reveal to you the level of pettiness and quarrelsomeness your partner is capable of, if things ever go south between you and him.

Also, it is important to note patterns and not wave them away. The signs are always there. You just need to pay enough attention to notice them.

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