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5 ways to build your confidence after a breakup

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Short-term or long-term, breakups are never pretty. Usually when a relationship begins, everything is rosy and nothing else matters, until problems start cropping in, you constantly fight and finally all that’s left as an option is a breakup.

This is especially if you have spent a good chunk of your life with someone you thought was the one, building your lives together, basically defining who you are around your friends, family and workplace.

Picking up the pieces after a breakup may seem hard but not impossible, here are some tips on how you can build your confidence after a breakup:

1. Take time to heal

Of course you loved this person, you are not just going to forget about them the moment you close the door behind them.

It’s going to get ugly, you might weep for days, lose your appetite and sleep, maybe even avoid mutual friends. If it helps, take a leave off work for a few days as you put yourself together.


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