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5 life lessons you can learn from a relationship

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Love at every age is different. With time and age, our ability to experience love in all its forms and glory enhances.

We tend to learn a lot from all of our relationships, and truly realise the effort that goes in building a good, healthy bond.

We understand our needs and wants much better and realise the importance of small moments in life that can bring us so much joy. Being with a person for a period of time, teaches us so many things.

Here are five life lessons we learn from being in a relationship that helps us appreciate life better:

1. The importance of personal space

Everyone deserves to have some space of their own. It is important for one to grow and that can truly happen if you have that required time and space.

Not only does this help your relationship stay healthy but lets you build an identity of your own while still being a couple. This shows independence and strength rather than neediness and dependency.

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