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6 negative health effects of eating fried foods

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Everyone is guilty of eating fried foods. French fries, wafers, fried chicken, deep oil grilled meat and the likes can be so tempting that we can’t resist.

With such a huge variety, it is next to impossible to avoid these notorious foodstuffs. With such a fast paced life, at times there is no option but to go for the fried and processed, ready to eat items available in the market.

But do you ever wonder, what sort of impact this has on you body? You might have heard that “your food makes you.” Then what does all that oil make you?

Well it makes you sick; very very sick. The list is actually pretty long but the following are the 6 negative health effects of eating fried foods.

1. Acne

This is probably the most common negative impact of eating fried foods. All the acne prone people who are fed up of their skin eruptions, try curbing your fat intake a little. You will see the difference yourself. Excess of fried food intake disturbs your body’s normal metabolism. Acne develop when the there is excessive sebum production on the skin. Too much of fried foods over activate the sebaceous glands. They start secreting way more than required which ultimately blocks the skin causing eruptions.

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