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7 common dinner habits that are shortening your life

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As our physical activity comes down at night, it is always advised to have a light dinner to avoid indigestion and promote good sleep.

While eating a light dinner is one common dinner rule, there are many other rules that often get ignored.

Today in this article, we will examine how certain wrong dinner habits reduce our life span. Read on to find out.

1. You have a cocktail before dinner

Some light music and a glass of wine while you cook for yourself may feel like a perfect unwind for the day but having a cocktail right before dinner stimulates appetite, which is also called aperitif effect.

In a study, 24 men were given vodka with orange juice or orange juice alone before a meal. It was found that men who consumed alcohol, ate 11 per cent more food than men who only had orange juice. The increase in fatty food consumed by vodka drinkers was 24 per cent.


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