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6 ways you can handle your desires when single

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Being single is not easy especially when your friends go on and on about how awesome their previous night was as you sit and sip your juice.

Before you start feeling shy and uncomfortable, having urges is quite normal and nothing to feel bad about.

Since it is a common thing, if you are single, you will need to learn how to handle your desires. And these desires are not gender based, it goes without saying that we have all experienced it.

For women, these desires can be strongest during ovulation and after a period. Being single and experiencing these desires is tough, to say the least. That said, here is how you can cope if you are single:

1. Accept that it is perfectly normal

First and foremost, you shouldn’t feel bad about having these desires as they are perfectly normal. I know you are wondering where they have come from considering you literally have nobody tuning you. Well, they are quite natural and your hormones or mind can be the cause. Don’t feel ashamed but accept that it is part of life and everyone has these desires.

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