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8 reasonable expectations you should have in relationships

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Expectations in relationships should be managed well by a couple. Setting expectations that are too high can put unnecessary pressure on each other. But, having low expectations can make you settle for less than what you deserve.

From such extremes, you need to manage your expectations with your partner to ensure that your relationship remains healthy. This is why it’s important to strive for a “good enough” relationship.

A ‘good enough’ relationship gives you and your man the proper environment to thrive in as individuals and as a team. It allows both of you to grow and learn from each other, while continuing to love.

Learning how to manage expectations in relationships is one of the key skills that can help your relationship survive in the long term.

Here are 8 reasonable expectations you should have in relationships:

1. Respect

Respect is #1 in any relationship. You need to respect your partner for himself and his inherent dignity, and vice versa. Respect breeds confidence, safety and wellbeing in your relationship.

Once respect is lost, all sorts of problems will arise; emotional distancing, constant arguments or negligence. You or your partner may eventually stop trying in your relationship.

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